Hub will serve as a campus wide resource to support researchers interested in tackling a broad spectrum of microbiome related studies from investigating fundamental questions, developing new techniques and methodologies to understanding the impact of microbiome across different fields. Overall, by harnessing the significant research already taking place at UW, world class expertise and facilities we aim to develop the Microbiome Hub as prominent center for microbiome research at UW.

1.  Supporting interdisciplinary research – to answer fundamental questions about microbiomes in diverse ecosystems

  • Facilitate interdisciplinary research, by providing consultation to design microbiome experiments and perform data analysis
  • Coordinate microbiome research across multi departments, colleges and research center on campus to maximize efficiency
  • Develop research partnerships with private sector and accelerate the translation of microbiome research from lab to the field
2.  Developing platform technologies – that will generate insights and help share knowledge of microbiomes in diverse ecosystems and enhance access to microbiome data
  • Create a vibrant and interactive community forum for problem solving harnessing the diverse expertise with the campus
  • Develop standardized and consistent pipelines for omics analysis
  • Improve access to and distribution of the microbiome data
  • Develop analytical technologies based on the emerging needs with UW campus

3. Expanding the microbiome workforce – through citizen science, public engagement, and educational opportunities

  • Coordinate and provide training opportunities for young scientist, including members of under represented groups
  • Design and implement workshops, seminar series and microbiome conferences
  • Create a strong outreach to increase visibility of the microbiome research conducted within campus