May 28, 3pm – Jason Peters

Enabling Genetic Analysis of Diverse Bacteria with Mobile-CRISPRi

Jason Peters, Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy – Pharmaceutical Sciences Division

The vast majority of bacteria lack genetic tools needed to systematically associate genes with phenotypes. This is the major impediment to understanding the fundamental contributions of genes and gene networks to bacterial physiology and human health. Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats interference (CRISPRi), a versatile method of blocking gene expression using a catalytically inactive Cas9 protein (dCas9) and programmable single guide RNAs, has emerged as a powerful genetic tool to dissect the functions of essential and non-essential genes in species ranging from bacteria to humans. However, the difficulty of establishing effective CRISPRi systems across bacteria is a major barrier to its widespread use to dissect bacterial gene function. In this talk, I will describe ‘Mobile-CRISPRi’, a suite of CRISPRi systems that combines modularity, stable genomic integration and ease of transfer to diverse bacteria by conjugation.