Madison Microbiome Meeting (M3)

Wednesday, April 25th
8:00-8:30 | Registration/Breakfast/Coffee

8:30-11:15 | Session 1-The History of Manipulating the Microbiome

Jo Handelsman – UW–Madison
Mandy Joye – University of Georgia
Lutgarde Raskin – University of Michigan
Jack Gilbert – University of Chicago
Pilar Ossorio – UW–Madison
Sailendharan Sudakaran – UW–Madison

11:35-12:45 | Lunch with Career panelists – Varsity Hall, Union South

1:00-4:15 | Session 2-Predicting and Harnessing Microbiomes

Michelle O’Malley – University of California-Santa Barbara
William Harcombe – University of Minnesota
Héctor García Martín – The Joint Bioenergy Institute
Frank Löffler – University of Tennessee
Camil Diaz – University of Delaware
Ophelia Venturelli – UW–Madison

4:15-6:00 Posters+Social

Thursday, April 26th
8:00-8:30 | Breakfast/Coffee

8:30-11:50 | Session 3-Cross Talk and Signaling in Microbiomes

Federico Rey – UW–Madison
Julia Segre – NIH
Karen Guillemin – University of Oregon
Melissa Duhaime – University of Michigan

11:45-1:30 | Lunch + Round table panels (4 options)

1:45-5:00 | Session 4-Microbiome Interactions with the Environment

Susan Thibeault – UW–Madison
Karthik Anantharaman – UW–Madison
Thea Whitman – UW–Madison
Daniel Amador-Noguez – UW–Madison

5:00-5:30 | Closing & Happy Hour Hootenanny at Steenbock’s on Orchard

Instructions for poster presenters:
Each poster will be assigned a number and the list will be posted at the meeting venue and in the abstract book. Please only use the poster boards that match your number.
Poster dimensions: 0.9 meters width (36 inches) x 1.2 meters height (48 inches)
You will be able to setup your posters as early as 8.00 am to 8.30am on 25thApril during the welcome/registration session. They can remain up until the end of the meeting (6 pm on Thursday).

Confirmed speakers:

Mandy Joye Lutgarde Raskin Michelle O'Malley William Harcombe
Mandy Joye
University of Georgia
Lutgarde Raskin
University of Michigan
Michelle O’Malley
University of California Santa Barbara
William Harcombe
University of Minnesota
Federico Rey Karthik Julia Segre
Federico Rey
University of Wisconsin Madison
Karthik Anantharaman
University of Wisconsin Madison
Julia Segre
Melissa Duhaime
University of Michigan